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Is your Computer or laptop running slow or gives out more heat at the fan outlet ? Your files,programs,games you play runs Slowly ? when you start or shutdown the computer takes longer time than usually ?
Are in doubt that is your computer is affected with virus or malware.Don’t worry, you don’t have to be expert figuring out the problem.You just have to follow these Simple basic steps to find out the faults of your computer and repair yourself easily just like DIY(Do It Yourself). Figuring out the problem.

Lets start from the beginning.

See if your Computer Wall Socket holder is in good condition and not in loose condition. Make sure all the power cables are tightly fit in the place and have enough power to run your PC smoothly.

For a Desktop Computer check the back of the CPU whether all wires connecting monitor,keyboard,mouse,speakers and any other cables are nicely connected to it. This ensures there is no miscalculation regarding cables. Keep surfaces of table dry & clean for a longer lasting finish.

If the fan is running at slow speed the hot air inside doesn’t flush out quickly making your hardware to run slowly compared to the normal speed. Hence clean the fan outlet with the soft dusting brush or blow some air to let the dust fall out precisely. Always unplug the appliance before cleaning. Do not use any solvent like gasoline,thinner,benzene or any liquid substance. Always make sure there no liquid substance around the table or where the computer is placed.

Make sure that there should not be any books,objects or wall blocking the air way of the fan outlet for both Desktop & laptop. Maintain enough gap to air to flow freely. This helps the maintain a normal room temperature besides it.

If you find that Desktop PC is making odd sounds when operating or working in operational. Consult or call to dealer for replacement of the fan or install a new fan if there is enough fan slot’s available in your CPU. Always keep your bill,warranty card with you. Don’t open the PC if you are not a certified specialist. If you do you could end up paying more or may damage the parts inside it.

Make a note of the computer of how much startup time(booting time) it is taking. If you find that it is taking more time than usually,follow the below steps.

Before proceeding further there are some main facts to consider like:-

Check the Computer you have still have enough Space in the hard drive, Enough RAM to process any programs,application or Is your using program is compatible with the system specification & to consider the Life of the Computer. Considering that all the people don’t have same PC or Laptops with same specification(configuration) or settings. So same Programs or applications you work behave(ACT) differently on different Systems. Some have faster processors on there System, Some have more RAM in there system, Some maintain correct settings of the programs, So different Factors are in effect. There Important facts you should able to make a note of it & act according. So some of the below Tips might be helpful like :-

Three most common steps to easily maintain your PC to a Healthy condition are :-

Make sure your “C Drive” have enough space to run programs smoothly Because “C Drive” has System files which Runs the System installed OS.

Keep less files on your Desktop & Organise them neatly to a different Drive like D,E or F. If you have this Drives in your System & If they have some space left in it So System OS which is running from “C Drive” Runs smoothly as Gentle.

Delete unwanted files & from Recycle Bin. Uninstall the programs which are not in use or needed or look suspicious that you remembered you didn’t installed in your PC by yourself. If you use Browser for most of your Work make sure you clean the history,cookies,login’s from the Browser settings once a month as this also helps in freeing the space & hence keeping you to safeguard your Important Credentials being stolen by viruses or malware. Also don’t click unwanted Ad’s,websites popups & spam email links which causes and are prime source of attacks of viruses to your System.

Use a PC Cleaner software like CC Cleaner which is easy to use and comes handy.

If you still feel that that your PC is slow while Browsing don’t hesitate to Consult or Contact your ISP(Internet Service Provider) to check your Internet Connection Speed.

how to make computer speed

Going Even Further to see if your PC is infected with Malware,Viruses or any kind of Malicious software.

One most step is to install a antivirus Program in your System like Total Security 360 which is free and safe to use or any other trusted programs you know. If you have any licensed antivirus please update it & Scan the whole System which removes viruses,malware,Trojans & junk files which causes System to delay respond and unwanted files which use your System resources in a bad way.

Make Sure that the System Drivers are Up to Date & you have installed the Operating System Patches Updates which are often released by the OS Companies regularly which overall increase the security & integrity of your System.

In future to be safe always download a product or a software to your System use a well reputed companies website & well research it before installing it in your PC so that there is less chance of virus attacks. Also Never use a Free Wifi or Internet from a unverified places.

If you have a Wifi at your home or office make sure you maintain it to put a strong Password to it with letters containing Alpha-numeric and Symbols with longer length. This keeps your System safe from intruders and attacks.

Hope So, If you have followed each and every step as I mentioned here you can see the difference of you PC,Laptop System speeds & security to ease at your work.

If still Problems Persists Go to Google Search, Type in PC Technicians near me or use Google maps to find a very best solution repair to your PC. Google too help you a lot. You never know that there is a PC Technician next to your doorstep or near by to help solve your problems saving time & money.

Quote of the day.

Prevention is better than cure – it’s easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.




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